Mary Oliver for Corona Times – a Poem

This insightful poem by Adrie Suzanne Kusserow, really struck me when it was shared last week in a worldwide community writing session I’m participating in.  Written along the form of Mary Oliver’s Wild Geese, I love how the words offer such a grace-filled permission for us to feel into everything that this isolation and crumbling… Read more »

A Practice for Dismantling Fear in Stressful Times

Woof!  What wild times we are living in right now.  Transformation of ourselves, our society, and the planet as a whole is now. There is no certainty and things change day by day and sometimes hour by hour. We humans do not do well with the unknown: our reptilian brains like life all laid out… Read more »

How Do I Make Energized Water Indoors?

I was talking with my friend and ace Astrologer for Life and Business Vanessa Couto today.  She wrote a great post about full moon energy on her Instagram page and I commented how I love to make Full Moon Water. She brought up a very good point: How can you make this if you live… Read more »

Fresh Air Fare for Healthy Travels

I recently refilled a Fresh Air Fare for one of its hugest fans and frequent users.  In this super short video, she puts her Fresh Air Fare bottle in the Keychain Canister (KC) after getting the refill. The KC then gets clipped into her purse for easy access and ready application. She took her larger… Read more »

Is Your Shower Toxic?

We all love a great shower, that feeling of washing off dead skin cells, sweat and maybe even the effects of a bad day. But what if your shower is giving you a dose of unhealthy chemicals that can cause adverse health effects?  Those great shower feelings just got dashed. If you’re showering with chlorinated… Read more »

Healthy Hair Tip: Wet Your Hair Before a Swim

Wow, did I ever get a terrific haircut!!!  I got an added bonus from my wonderful Hair Goddess because I mentioned that I am a swimmer and headed for Maui in a few days. Here’s how to pamper and protect your hair before diving into the pool or ocean for a swim or body surfing:… Read more »

Please Pass the Homemade Mustard!

There are probably more mustards available these days than French’s ever thought possible, back in the day of their neon yellow spread. You can still buy that – in a plastic bottle of course.  But why not make your own with 5 ingredients and less than 10 minutes of your precious time? Because you didn’t… Read more »

Take Yourself to Italy with This Lemon Coconut Fuzzy Water

Maybe you’ve had the joy and Ahhhh of gulping down a Lemoncocco while traveling in Italy. This non-alcoholic beverage does the trick in satisfying thirst, replenishing electrolytes and simply making you feel good in summer’s heat. While visiting a dear friend on a sizzling day, she handed me a can of Lemoncocco and said: “You’ve… Read more »

DIY Toothpaste: Great for You, Super for the Planet!

Simple is good.  Homemade is better.  Waste-free is supreme! Now combine all three of those in one personal hygiene product and you’ve got a winner. Enter DIY Toothpaste. You’ve most likely got each of the ingredients and tools to whip this up in your kitchen.  Lord knows you’ve got a small glass jar with a… Read more »

Remedies from the Kitchen: Clove Infusion for Toothache & Gum Health

Those dark brown, spikey nubs in your spice drawer have many more uses than spiced cider or mulled wine.  Containing strong anti-bacterial, antimicrobial and antiseptic properties, cloves can offer relief for toothaches, boost your immune system and aid in digestion, to name just a few. I use Clove Infusion to ease oral discomfort before and… Read more »