The Heart Health Test Most Docs Don’t Order, But Should

The typical blood test for heart health measures cholesterol levels, aka lipids: the HDL (“good cholesterol”) and LDL (“bad cholesterol”).  The test results are just three numbers: HDL, LDL and Total cholesterol.

Can 3 numbers give a full and accurate view of your cardiovascular health?

I don’t think so.

While these numbers can be helpful, they illustrate a very small part of a person’s cardiovascular health.  This partial view can be misleading and leaves out key information that is helpful in creating an action plan for greater heart health, including lifestyle modifications specific to your body and test readings.

Good News!

There is a test that provides lots more information about your heart health with the same blood sample testing cholesterol levels.
It’s The Boston Heart Diagnostics test.

What does the test tell you?

Instead of measuring only the lipid (cholesterol) indicator, this test measures all 4 heart health indicators:
  1. Genetic
  2. Metabolic
  3. Inflammation
  4. Lipid

How to get the test

Boston Heart Diagnostics informs and trains practitioners how to order the test kits and interpret test results with their patients.

So much more than a prescription!

I cannot emphasize how comprehensive and helpful this test is to truly show your cardiovascular health.  I believe everyone over 30 should get a Boston Heart Diagnostics test because you learn so much about your system and which marker areas (indicators) may need to be improved.
Also, you receive a personalized booklet with your test results explained using great graphics, descriptions of the markers and suggestions for how to improve your heart health.
Your practitioner goes through the booklet with you, reviewing your test results and offering a plan of steps to take to reduce your risk of heart disease.

Personalized details of your Boston heart Diagnostics test results in booklet form

Wouldn’t you rather have the full picture of your cardiovascular health and make the changes that will get you healthier instead of getting a prescription drug (statins and others) based on 3 numbers?
I sure would.
Will you get the Boston Heart Diagnostics test?  Please tell me in the Comments that you will, or have, so I can breathe easier knowing that you are taking the steps toward vibrant health.

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