“The first time I heard you sing was in [ceremonial] circle in the woods. And let me tell ya: every goosebump up and down my spine was stimulated. It was magical. Anyone who hears you sing is in for a loving treat.”
Healing Ceremony attendee

Heather Michet, Ceremonial Songstress - A Celebration of LifeThe sweet power of the human voice can transform an aching heart, heal a broken soul, and boost inner joy. When the voice is a cappella (without accompaniment), the sound vibration creates a deeper connection between what is heard with the ears and what is experienced in the heart and soul.

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Soothe and comfort weary, grieving spirits with live vocals at your loved one’s funeral, memorial or burial/ashes scattering. Lyrical vocals imbue meaning and create connection for those who mourn, helping them remember the dead. Ceremonial singing can be incorporated at any location, indoors or out: on the beach, in the woods, cemetery or private home.

I Remember You – words and music by Heather Michet

“Your voice is so clear and pure, it can’t help but move the human heart.”
Carolyn Kardinal
composer, voice instructor

“Not only do you have a beautiful voice, you have the heart too.”
“Thank you so much for singing from your heart.”

“Truly, you have the voice of an angel.”
Wife of the deceased

“Your music was just perfect – it added so much meaning.”


Conferences, retreats, artist receptions, house blessings and garden parties, are some of the many events that are enlivened by weaving a cappella vocals into the space. Examples of past events and their venues include: Lyrics from the Body and the Page – an evening of poetry and song; A Time of Remembering for Mt. Hood Hospice; Death: OK. Conference at Reed College; Portland Rose Festival Rosecup Races at Portland International Raceway. Amplify the experience of your personal or corporate events with a cappella song. You and your attendees will be transformed.

“Your beautiful voice was exactly perfect and your choice of music so moving.”
Mt Hood Hospice Time of Remembering

“You channel the voice of the Divine Goddess.”
Lyrics from the Body and the Page attendee

“You added the dimension to the Closing event that I was hoping for: a beautiful open and close to our shared experience that flowed smoothly and beautifully, including superbly pulling our audience into a choir!”
Closing Ceremony Manager, Death: OK.


Enhancing your ceremony with soulful a cappella vocals creates a more memorable and meaningful celebration for you and your guests. Singing without amplification, your songstress can go to any site you choose, including off-grid! Let’s hike, snowshoe or kayak to your ceremonial destination.

Willing Embrace – words and music by Daniel Rhiger

“I’d get married all over again just to have you sing at my wedding.”
70-yr. old wedding attendee

“Your singing made me feel really romantic toward my husband…and I showed him too.”
Wedding attendee

“Honey, you are fabulous! And boy can you sing. If I wasn’t retired, I’d sign up as your agent right now!”
Wedding attendee