Healing Our World One Postcard at a Time

There’s a lot of hopelessness and helplessness in our country and world right now.  Hopeless that true change may never happen, and feeling helpless to do anything that contributes to the healing.

We have lost connection with ourselves, one another, our world and especially Mother Earth.  I believe this disconnect is at the root of our ills.

Each of us has a heart and voice (even those who are non-verbal have ways to express themselves).

Why not join our heart and voice to help heal ourselves and the world?

How Can We Heal?  How Can We Help?

What if we started with one small act to reconnect and begin healing?  An act taking 5 minutes, costing less than 50 cents that will change someone’s day and expand love in the world…Would you be in on this?

The Postcard Connection

Starting tomorrow, June 1st, and each day for the month of June, I’m writing a postcard expressing my heart to someone in my world.  30 postcards.

The sentiment could be one sentence or several – whatever feels right at the moment.  I’m already imagining who I will write to and what I’ll say.  Here are some examples:

  • “Missing you and thinking of you today.” sent to a friend I’ve not been in contact with in awhile
  • “I love you!” for one of my beloveds
  • “You made such a difference in my life.  Thank you.” to a beloved teacher
  • “My life is enriched and blessed by your music.  Many thanks for creating and sharing it with the world.” for a talented musician or band

You get the idea.

How to Do It

Write a postcard to someone in your life, currently or in the past, expressing love, gratitude, appreciation, and/or kindness to them.  Each day can be a different recipient or you might want to write several postcards to the same person over the month.

Mail it off and feel the delight in knowing that someone will be thrilled to receive real mail and your heartfelt expression.

Please join me!! I’m doing this for 30 days, but you choose how many days you participate.  Whether it’s one postcard or 12 or all 30, you will make a difference!

What This Isn’t

It’s important to say what this invitation/practice is NOT:

  • a challenge
  • a competition
  • a task to tally or track, unless you want to do so to acknowledge yourself for the goodness you are putting out into the world
  • an obligation, should or have-to

None of us need more challenges, pressure or items on our To-Do List.  Keep it light and easy for yourself while considering whose day you wish to brighten, including your own.

Let’s Do This!!

Every one of us makes a difference with every act, every thought, every postcard.

Let’s do this.

May the healing begin.

Featured photo credit Guillaume Coupy on Unsplash; postcards, stamps & pen photo Heather Michet

4 Responses to “Healing Our World One Postcard at a Time”

  1. Pratz Corinne

    I’m delighted to find this! So in for 30 days!

    • Heather Michet

      Oh, Corinne!! You’ve made me smile with glee and delight. Thank you so much for your comment, enthusiasm and support. Follow my process, updates and ideas around The Postcard Connection on my Instagram (@heathermichet) or Facebook (facebook.com/heather.michet). Write on!!! and thank you again.

  2. Jeanene

    I have a lot of old postage stamps (formerly 1st class letter but now usable for post cards) and I have cards as well. This would be a good use for them.

    • Heather Michet

      Oh these sound absolutely perfect, Jeanene!!! I’m so grateful that you’ll be joining in The Postcard Connection. Let me know how it goes for you and if you receive any responses or reconnections. Blessings to you for taking healing steps.

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