5 Reasons to Use a Nebulizing Diffuser

With all of the additional nasties in our air due to Covid-19 and wildfire smoke, I’ve been running my diffuser more frequently to clear the air and help support my immune system.

Fresh Air Fare is great to diffuse with all of its many benefits for body as well as the air we breathe.

The majority of essential oil diffusers I’ve seen use heat (ring on the light bulb type) and/or steam to deliver the oils into the room.

Neither of these methods are helpful except to the coffers of those supplying the oils.  Read why this is so in the 5 points below.

5 Reasons Nebulizing Diffusers Are the Best:

🌿 Full potency and healing benefits of the oils remain throughout diffusing time. No heat is used in nebulizing diffusers so all of the desired characteristics of the oils are retained. The 2 enemies of essential oils are heat and light. Once heated, the oils lose their healing benefits.

🌿 Saves time & attention because a small, gentle air stream instead of water delivers the oils into the space. There’s no refilling of a water well in the diffuser so there’s less time tending the diffuser.

🌿 The concentration of the oils (100%) dispersed is constant throughout diffusing. Have you noticed with steam- based diffusers you get the smell of the oil essence for the first several minutes, then nothing?

🌿 A small amount of oil lasts a super long time (eg. 10 drops can provide up to 20 hours of diffusing, depending upon the diffuser type and size) so you save money & oils.

🌿 Shorter diffusing periods (lots of healing power in less time than with water-based diffusers means less electricity used. This is sustainable for your wallet and the planet.

Nebuluzing diffusers are a win all the way around.

Which diffuser should I buy?

Here is the unit I recommend. Click on the link to see its properties (including a built-in timer!) and to purchase.

May your air and breathing be healthfully restored!

Do you diffuse essential oils?  What are you diffusing?  Let me know in the Comments below.

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