Getting Well, Naturally

I am so thankful to be well – and maintaining it – after that horrific spell in October.  Alleluia!

Several people have asked me how I got well from the crud.  Just as there wasn’t only one ‘why’ I got sick, there was an entire battalion of remedies and practices that brought me back to health.  All of them worked together, supporting my body’s inherent desire and capacity to heal, none of them were prescription.

Here’s the lineup and why they were chosen:

  • Lots and lots of pure drinking water.  Second only to air, water is vital to supreme health and flushing junk from our system.  Drinking 16 ozs. of water over the course of an hour, every hour, can ward off both a developing case of flu or cold and lessen the amount of time and intensity of a spell once it has settled into your body.
  • Rest.  I could not believe how much I slept in 5 days!  Because my body needed so much healing (which happens primarily during rest), it hit the snooze button over and over again.
  • Aromatherapy blends, especially Fresh Air Fare(tm).  With its powerhouse qualities of anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-fungal and more, it helped realign my body chemistry to where it needed to be.
  • Face steams with Fresh Air Fare(tm) are a mighty duo because the essential oils are drawn down into the chest cavity and bronchial system when the steam is inhaled.  This promotes die-off of whatever bacteria and viral bits have taken up residence in the lungs and sinuses.  These face steams are a great way to prevent or kick out those gut-wrenching coughs that can linger for weeks after you begin to feel better.Greens Pak
  • Copious amounts of Vitamin C and antioxidants.  I used Electrolyte Stamina Paks and Greens Paks for their ease of preparation, low sugar, and trace minerals content. Because these are mixed with water, ingesting them adds to your fluids intake.
  • Sipping on Grandma’s cough syrup eased the strain on my throat from hacking and gagging to bring up the nasties from my throat and lungs.

Don’t let these strong cold and flu strains keep you down for longer than they need to.  Build your system back up with some, or all, of the above tactics.  And if you’d like to have an immune boosting plan tailored to your needs and lifestyle, let’s work together to create that in one of my Treatment Packages.

To your health!

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