Electrolyte Stamina Paks

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Electrolyte Stamina Paks are an effervescent drink providing vitamins, antioxidants and over 72 electrolytes.

*Box of 32 paks



Play harder, endure longer, feel replenished and boost your immunity!


  • 1200 mg. Vitamin C per pak
  • Trace minerals
  • Small, portable & easy to use paks: just mix with water & drink
  • Refreshing flavors: Orange (GMO free), Lemon-Lime, Mixed Berry (GMO free) and Grape
  • Low sugar (sweetened w/ Stevia)
  • Caffeine free
  • Gluten free
  • Vegetarian

Suggested Uses:

  • Boost immunity during high stress times
  • Travel companion to relieve jet-lag & ill effects from air travel
  • Great for workouts at the gym, outdoors, travel, or at home
  • Endurance training, running

3 reviews for Electrolyte Stamina Paks

  1. Kristen Nilsen

    I can’t say enough about these Stamina Paks. Being currently overweight and full of past life sludge, I needed a reboot. I started the paks a week ago and I’ve got tons more energy, I’m NOT retaining water like I used to, and I simply feel better all around. Thanks for your other amazing offerings as well, Heather. You rock.

    • Heather Michet

      Thank you for sharing your results of using the Paks, Kristen, and your kind words. May your healing continue!

  2. Matt M., Sandy OR

    As a long distance runner I’m interested in replenishing electrolytes after my workouts without taking in a bunch of unneeded calories or caffeine. The Stamina Power Paks provide just that, along with a ton of necessary vitamins and minerals. They hasten my recovery time and help me recharge. And they taste good too!

  3. Brynn S., Madras OR

    Heather recommended the Stamina Electrolyte Power Pak for my recovery after the Portland Marathon. It worked GREAT! I was able to provide my body w/ the vitamins and electrolytes water can’t provide and was it less dense than Gatorade. I felt the positive effects immediately & reduced my [post-race] recovery time by 2 days!

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