I Succumbed. I Got Sick.

I wasn’t feeling too luscious a week ago.  I succumbed.  I got sick.  And every time I’ve gone “down for maintenance” in the last few years – which happens very infrequently, thank you – I’ve dreaded it because I always feel embarrassed and frankly, a bit ashamed.  After all, I’m the one touting vibrant health, how to keep the immune system strong, and if folks hear I’m sick, they’ll mock me and my work and scoff at wellness claims.  And some people have done just that.  But I’m not afraid to spill my guts and admit this now.  My recent bout of the crud was different; it was overflowing with gifts and blessings, as was my nose.

What happened that I got nailed?  It was an accumulation of several “violations” of my optimum health practices: a too-full schedule, insufficient amount of downtime to rest and regenerate, a bit of wheat, a bit of coffee, too much meat…you get the drift.  Throw in a late night of trip prep and packing followed by a very early haul to the airport and I was in prime position for a body rebellion.  The most important piece?  The inner nudge to take some retreat time to be still, be quiet, unplug from it all and simply be came in several times over the last 2 months.

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But I registered those nudges in the “Great idea, sounds good and I must do that.” mental file and carried on with my schedule and agenda until my body and spirit pushed back with their own better idea.  Despite thinking that I just didn’t have time now to carve out 3+ days for downtime – “later” would be better, easier to do – my wiser self proved otherwise with a solid 8 days of feeling raunchy and sleeping a ridiculous number of hours.  Rip Van Winkle had nothing on me.

I was knocked down flat and I didn’t have the energy to be concerned, let alone worry, that I wasn’t getting work or projects completed.  Being sick was a full-time job: sleeping, fixing simple food, and making & taking potions (aromatherapy blends, Fresh Air FareTM).  Still, there was room for more.  I received many insights, keen perspective, and several great ideas during this time of feeling awful.  While it wasn’t the most pleasant environment in which to receive a plethora of gifts, I am grateful for all of it, especially my fortified belief in the body’s healing powers when given the opportunity and good healing tools.

Just like there wasn’t one thing that caused my crash into the abyss of sickness, there’s more than one remedy to help you get and stay well.  And they work.  I can select the combination of healing tips, tools and techniques that will work for you.  It just so happens I’ve had some very recent experience in doing this for myself.

Photo by AlicePopkorn https://www.flickr.com/photos/alicepopkorn/

4 Responses to “I Succumbed. I Got Sick.”

  1. Rhonda Reedy

    No need to apologize for getting sick once in awhile. We live in an imperfect world where super busy-ness is the norm, and sumptuous temptations assault our senses daily. It’s nigh to impossible to live the perfect life. Count yourself human! My magic formula for defense against viruses is NutriBiotic’s DefensePlus. I don’t take it in the summer when I’m getting lots of exercise and sunshine, but come the winter cold & flu season it sure saves me a lot of misery. As I have a lot of singing engagements, it’s important to me to keep the colds and sore throats away. Like you, I am seldom sick and when I do succumb, the DefensePlus helps me get through it a whole lot easier and faster than most people. I highly recommend it.

    • Heather Michet

      Thank you for your kind words and recommendation of DefensePlus. I’m glad you’ve found something that works so well to support your immune system.
      Part of what I let go of during the time of maintenance was the embarrassment and shame stuff, arriving at the very notion you wrote of: I’m human and fallible. Continue doing a great job on your wellness journey. Happy singing!

  2. Harriet A,

    Dear Heather-J

    Your litany of miseries is most distressing.
    My piano teacher spent her 50th birth date and several other days this week
    trying to conquer her malaise. She, too, is a health food devotee’ and clean-liver.
    I should pass on your epistle.

    • Heather Michet

      All is well, Harriet! Thank you for commenting and for your concern. I’m sorry to hear that your friend was fighting off nasties on such a noteworthy day. Suggest she celebrate for at least 50 days! I would love for you to pass on my blog to her. I’m writing a follow-up discussing the remedies & techniques I used to get well. People are asking how I did it!
      Healthful blessings to you.

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