Treatment Packages

Having a partner to help you navigate your wellness journey is invaluable, but it shouldn’t break the bank.

I connect with clients everywhere via phone and Skype, so distance is no barrier, even for Reiki sessions!

The Bud

For those who are ready to start feeling better and want to experience working with me before making a deeper commitment.


  • Initial Consultation
  • Custom-formulated Aromatherapy Blend


  • Start feeling better
  • Notice physical improvements such as pain relief, restful sleep, less stress
  • Be engaged with your own well-being
  • Working with a partner and coach who is committed to your healing

The Flower

For those ready to commit to their health and partner with me to create lasting solutions.


  • Initial Consultation with Reiki-roma™ treatment
  • Vibrant Health Plan
  • Follow-up Reiki-roma™ treatment
  • Custom-formulated Aromatherapy Blend
  • Monthly phone check-ins with Heather


  • Experience all of the benefits of The Bud package magnified
  • Become an expert in YOU and what your body needs
  • Learn what gets you off-track and how to avoid it
  • Experience the excitement of taking charge of your health
  • Melt into deep relaxation as your Reiki-romaTM session helps your body shift its attention to what needs healing: pain, injury, broken heart, confusion…

The Garden

For those “so over” being sick, out of balance and not getting well who are ready to do whatever it takes to restore vibrant health.


  • Initial Consultation with Reiki-romaTM treatment
  • 4 Follow-up Reiki-romaTM treatments
  • Vibrant Health Plan
  • Signed copy of The Jump Journal
  • Fresh Air FareTM
  • Email support with questions or comments about your healing progress
  • Recipe requests for your unique nourishing needs.


  • All the benefits of The Flower Package
  • Feel better!!
  • Experience new ways to care for yourself (lifestyle modifications) that are anchored in who you are: they become effortless and intrinsic.
  • See and feel the cumulative effects of regular Reiki-romaTM sessions and new lifestyle practices.  The positive shift in your health will be apparent.
  • Pride yourself on the great ally you’ve become to yourself and your well-being.

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