Hot Weather Health Tips

Make sure you don’t get as red as this tree over the weekend! The hottest weather of the year so far is upon us with temps reaching over 90 in the next couple of days.  Stay smart when it comes to venturing out into the heat; it can save your life and that of those you love.

Health Tips for Hot Weather:

  • Lather on the high spf sunscreen often when outside.
  • Wear a hat and long sleeves.
  • Hydrate like crazy, as in slurping off that water bottle constantly.  Toning Water is very refreshing and cooling and will ease inflammation due to the heat.
  • Replace depleted electroytes with Stamina Paks to help avoid heat stroke.
  • Minimize vigorous activity during the hottest hours of the day; get the yard work and running around done early in the day.
  • If you head to a river to cool down, wear life vests in the water! Waters are super cold and levels are low, which means submerged snags and debris can catch you and hold you under the current, resulting in hypothermia or death.
  • This heat wave is a bit early so our bodies aren’t acclimated to the extended hot temperatures yet. Stay out of the direct sun for extended periods of time and be mindful of what your body is telling you.  Don’t push it.
  • LEAVE YOUR PETS AT HOME WHERE IT IS COOL!!! Do not take them in your car even for “just a little bit.” An enclosed car on an overcast day of 65 degrees can heat up to lethal temperatures within 15 minutes.
  • If I see your car, anybody’s car, with an animal inside on a warm day, the police will be called and asked to hunt you down or break your car’s window to rescue the animal.  This is not a threat; this is a promise!
  • Keep a couple of bowls of fresh filtered water out for your animals at all times.  Check them often and replenish as needed.

Your life is precious and vulnerable to extreme weather exposure.  Be smart and take it easy in this heat.  See you at the river!

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