How Do I Make Energized Water Indoors?

I was talking with my friend and ace Astrologer for Life and Business Vanessa Couto today.  She wrote a great post about full moon energy on her Instagram page and I commented how I love to make Full Moon Water.

She brought up a very good point: How can you make this if you live in an apartment or condo and don’t have access to a piece of earth on which to place your jars as they energize?

Here are some ideas for you if this is your living situation:

  • Use your patio, deck or porch if you have one.  Having your jars outside is the best scenario, and sitting in a spot where the sun or moonlight can directly shine on the containers is ideal.
  • Barring access to an outside space, put the jar with your water on a windowsill (or floor) next to a window whose position may allow moonlight in.
  • If you don’t have that ideally positioned window or floor space, no matter.  Leave your containers somewhere near an outside wall with the intent of catching some of that great energy.  Their proximity to the outdoors and powerful planets will certainly infuse some of the magic into the water.
  • Maybe the best alternative of all is to gather dear friends together at someone’s home with a yard or patio. Create a full moon honoring & acknowledging ceremony – filling your vessels and placing them in the moonlight’s path.  This way you get to celebrate the moon, stars & heavens while basking in each other’s presence and unique offerings to your lives.


No matter how you follow this practice of harnessing some full moon or solar energy by charging up some water, you will feel more connected to the earth and heavenly cycles.  And possibly to yourself and others too.


Photo of glass water bottle by Trần Toàn on Unsplash

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