Have You Energized Your Water?

We all know that the sun and moon give off serious energy which affects our lives 24/7/365.  You’ve felt the intensity of a full moon as well as the burn of the afternoon summer sun.  Wouldn’t it be great to capture this energy and utilize its qualities?

There’s an easy way to do this without standing beneath one of the orbs: turn drinking water into Full Moon Water or Solar Water.

It’s a great way to capture and ‘save’ some of this energy for use now or later.

Why do this?

  • Create a natural tool to balance your energy
  • Doing this process helps you align with Nature’s rhythm
  • It is fun, easy to do and is no to low cost
  • Charging water can off-gas (but not disinfect!!!) chlorinated water when filtration isn’t available.

How to do it:

  • Fill clear, clean glass jars (the one gallon ones work great) with filtered water .  For Full Moon and Solar Water, place lid on jar.  If you wish to off-gas chlorine from water, cover with a double layer of cheesecloth to keep critters and debris out.
  • Position jar on a flat surface, preferably bare ground (Check out how you can make energized water indoors if you don’t have access to bare ground), that will receive moonlight during its full phase for at least 2-3 hours.  For Solar Water, position jar so that it will receive full sun from late morning to mid-afternoon.  This is the period of time that the sun’s energy is most intense.
  • After the extended exposure, bring jars inside.  Label and date them to identify contents.

What do I do with it?

  • Use for cleaning or clearing rooms in your home or office.  (For more information about scheduling a space clearing in your home or office, contact Heather.)
  • Introduce the energy you wish for a space by using charged water.  Solar Water: Yang, inspired, clear, healing energy – especially appropriate for a room in which someone has been ill or has died.  Full Moon Water: Yin, clearing, clarifying, remove remnant energy of intense emotions such as anger or sadness.  Boosting Yin energy is great for bedrooms to aid in sleeping.
  • Drink the water containing the quality you wish to boost in yourself.  Example: it’s the dead of winter – dark, cold, somber.  A nice dose of sunshine is a bit out of the question but you can reach for a glass of Solar Water (yang) and think back to that summer day when you captured the light, heat and energy in this water.  This can also help boost enthusiasm or motivation to take the next step on a project or get your workout gear gathered and head to the gym!  Full Moon Water (yin) may be useful for boosting self-esteem (the water’s packed with ‘full potential’), help promote dreaming and reflection, or get in touch with some emotions.

Go round up your jars and capture some planetary energy!  It is yours for the taking to help ground, center and balance your life.


4 Responses to “Have You Energized Your Water?”

    • Heather Michet

      Thank you for reading, Johanna, and for your kind words. I’m glad you find it valuable. I’m writing a related blog that I will link to this one regarding “What to do if you don’t have access to a yard or land, ie. live in an apartment or condo building?” Stay tuned. And if you’d like to stay connected to me, my content and products & services, please sign up for my newsletter. It’s always a guaranteed less than 5 minute read with useful health tips. Healthful blessings to you, Johanna!

  1. Jane

    This is so amazing. Sounds enchanting and ethereal. I’m going to try this. Thanks Heather for sharing this beautiful post.

    • Heather Michet

      You are welcome, Jane! Tonight’s the Wolf Full Moon – a very powerful one – so it’s a great night to charge up some water.

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