Healthy Holidays Tip #2

Electrolyte Stamina Paks

Build up and maintain your immunity.  There are many more stressors on our systems over the holidays than during the rest of the year:

  • The weather is colder which draws on more of our body’s reserves
  • We are busier with more social activities and “have-to’s”
  • Richer food and drink are everywhere
  • Tension tends to run higher between people and family members
  • Expectations are increased, both those we put on ourselves and those imposed by others

Do what you can to strengthen your immune system and be willing to ask for and receive additional help and support.  Some suggestions available from Iris Healing Arts:

  • Fresh Air FareTM is an effective immune helper in addition to its many other benefits for healthy travel and allergy symptom relief.
  • Electrolyte Stamina Paks are convenient, easy to use and inexpensive.
  • Custom aromatherapy blends target your unique system and healing needs.
  • Reiki and Reiki-romaTM treatments provide deep relaxation so the nervous system can calm down and do its job.

Call me to order any of these products or to schedule a Reiki or Reiki-romaTM session.  Iris Healing Arts is here to support your vibrant health, help and happiness!

2 Responses to “Healthy Holidays Tip #2”

  1. Noryne R.

    I am really enjoying your Healthy Holiday tips. They have been great and such a good reminder to take care of ourselves. They are good reminders for any time of the year.

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