Healthy Hair Tip: Wet Your Hair Before a Swim

Wow, did I ever get a terrific haircut!!! 

I got an added bonus from my wonderful Hair Goddess because I mentioned that I am a swimmer and headed for Maui in a few days.

Here’s how to pamper and protect your hair before diving into the pool or ocean for a swim or body surfing:

Always wet your hair before going swimming in chlorinated or ocean water.  Because hair is such a sponge, it will soak up the first water it comes into contact with.  By wetting it first with bottled water (like when you’re on the beach) or from tap water (preferably filtered so any chlorine or chloramine is reduced), it won’t soak up as much of the pool or ocean water, both of which are very drying and damaging to hair.

Be a kind & loving friend to your hair: become a wethead before you get drenched by your swim in ocean or pool!

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