Harvesting Our Inner Garden

The Harvest full moon last Monday was a bold and beautiful reminder to stop and reflect upon the changing season: gathering the fruits of our labors.  What has this summer, this year given you?  What did you plant and nurture in your life?  How have you grown?  What successes and victories are you celebrating?

Nearly every September feels like the start of a new phase for me.  Indeed, many traditions view fall as the beginning of a new year.  This makes sense: a cycle has ended and the fallow time returns when we rest and renew, preparing ourselves for the creation of a new cycle.  The school year begins and even for those who don’t have children or aren’t going back to school themselves, Labor Day marks the end of summer: laid-back leisure and fun.  Now it’s back to work with tighter schedules, more attention to commitments, taking care of business” and hunkering down a bit.

Live with the rhythm of the season for ease and health.  Some tips and tools to help you settle into this transitional time’s rhythm:

  • Schedule 10 minutes of stillness each day to sit and reflect, meditate, pray, walk in the woods – whatever works for you to unplug from the buzz and BE.
  • Strengthen your immune system to prepare for the season change.  Fresh Air Fare(tm) is your friend.  Use it.
  • Clean your house and car.  They are the vessels that hold & carry you.
  • Let go of the old and stagnant, whatever doesn’t work for you: habits, clothes, attitudes, relationships that drain instead of nourish.
  • Rest.  Sleep.  The body does its healing and transformation while we sleep.


Photo by planetchopstick

Most importantly, be kind and gentle with yourself; summer and all that led up to it can be intense.  Take a nap in the hammock, write in your journal, enjoy a well-deserved break.  You are a treasure – a gem that is honed with love and experience.  Polish yourself up so that you shine your brightest in this season of gathering and preparation.

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