Remedies from the Kitchen: Clove Infusion for Toothache & Gum Health

Those dark brown, spikey nubs in your spice drawer have many more uses than spiced cider or mulled wine.  Containing strong anti-bacterial, antimicrobial and antiseptic properties, cloves can offer relief for toothaches, help boost your immune system and aid in digestion, to name just a few.

I use Clove Infusion to ease oral discomfort before and after dental work to promote a bacteria free environment in the mouth, warding off infection.


Place 1 Tbsp. whole cloves into tea infuser, small tea pot or ceramic mug.  Add boiling (filtered) water, cover and let steep for 12 minutes.

Let cool slightly before sipping: gently swish warm infusion throughout mouth, paying particular attention to the affected area so that the liquid coats it entirely from all angles.  Swallowing liquid will give your digestion a boost too, so go for it!

Drink 1 cup of infusion 2-3 times per day or until pain and/or risk of infection have passed.

Clove Infusion is a super easy and economical go-to for pain relief in the mouth.  Its infection-fighting properties rival any antibiotic.

To your health!


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