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Toning Up and Detoxing with Toning Water

Do you or someone in your family not “like” water and therefore don’t drink it?  Are you achy and sore because of your boosted exercise schedule (good on ya!!)?  Or do you simply want something a little sexier than plain water now that you’re drinking loads of it each day? Say Yes!  Yes!  Yes! to… Read more »

My Energy Drink? Water.

How’s this for a scary fact: ER visits are way up – especially in men over 40.  Want to know why?  Massive consumption of energy drinks.  You know the ones I’m talking about – the super sweet, caffeine-jacked “beverages” that give you a false sense of increased energy. Drinking one of these seems like it… Read more »

Hot Weather Health Tips

Make sure you don’t get as red as this tree over the weekend! The hottest weather of the year so far is upon us with temps reaching over 90 in the next couple of days.  Stay smart when it comes to venturing out into the heat; it can save your life and that of those… Read more »

Lap it Up! (Part 2 of the Swimming blog series)

In Water Baby, Part 1 of the Swimming blog series, I talk about my introduction to the water and how it got me through a grueling restaurant server job and boosted my health and fitness.  During the last couple of years, I’ve been craving (and pushing myself) to get back into the pool and I’ve… Read more »

About Heather

Every woman in my maternal line and beyond – even aunties by marriage – were nurses, and that was what they expected of me, too. But I just couldn’t do it. I couldn’t go to nursing school. But I found my way to being a healer on my own. And it all started in the… Read more »