Your Hot Breakfast Awaits…Thanks, Once Again, to Your Slow Cooker

It’s cold outside!!!  How can you get a few more winks, warm snuggles or minutes on your yoga mat on a workday morning? Or start your weekend with a ready-made hot breakfast at home?  Take a few minutes the night before and put this cereal together in the slow cooker then wake up to an aromatic, delicious, and hot gluten-free breakfast.

Now go fetch your slow cooker and begin.


1 cup millet, pan toasted until slightly fragrant

3 ½ cups water (you can sub 1 cup of almond or almond/coconut milk for 1 cup of the water w/ creamier results)

½ tsp salt


½ cup shredded, unsweetened coconut

Place all in slow cooker and stir well.

Cook on low 8 – 9 hours.  Top servings with “milk” of your choice.  Chow down!


  • Replace raisins with craisins.
  • Use your favorite fresh fruit instead of the raisins
  • Top a serving with a sprinkle of cinnamon
  • Get creative with your own ideas!

You’ve just lost your excuses for not having a wonderfully healthful and easy hot breakfast to begin your day.


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