‘Tis the Season for Sun Tea

It’s time to kick back in the hammock or lawn chair and delight in a cold glass of tea.  Let the sun create your favorite brew – caffeinated or herbal – using no energy and keeping the house cool.

Making your own iced tea means you get to choose the ingredients for flavor and quality, save money, eliminate store-bought packaging, and use no electricity.

Chill out and enjoy these refreshing beverages that are:

  • Easy to make
  • Made by the sun
  • Free of chemicals
  • Full of  flavor
  • Supremely low cost

Here’s how to make SUN TEA:

Place 3 tea bags – or 2 Tbsp. loose tea – in a glass quart jar.  Adjust the amount of tea when using a smaller or larger container, according to your desired intensity of flavor.

Add cold purified water to the top of the jar.

Attach lid then place in full sun outside.  Pick a spot that will get as many hours of sun as is possible in your yard.

After at least 4 hours (you can leave out for several hours, even overnight), retrieve your jar.  Remove tea bags, replace lid and refrigerate.  If using loose tea, pour liquid through strainer into pitcher and refrigerate.  For serving: add lemon, lime or orange slices, fresh mint leaves, sweetener or whatever strikes your taste fancy.

The variety of flavors is endless.  Mix up the flavors of tea used in a jar to create your own special blends.

Sandy Rose Tea is delicious iced as is Breathe Better Tea, which can help ease summer allergies.

Sip on!

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