Take Yourself to Italy with This Lemon Coconut Fuzzy Water

Maybe you’ve had the joy and Ahhhh of gulping down a Lemoncocco while traveling in Italy.  This non-alcoholic beverage does the trick in satisfying thirst, replenishing electrolytes and simply making you feel good in summer’s heat.

While visiting a dear friend on a sizzling day, she handed me a can of Lemoncocco and said: “You’ve got to try this!!!  I’d order cases of it if it wasn’t so dang spendy, as in $3 per can.”  Yikes.

After that endorsement, I not only tasted, but devoured an entire can in a couple of minutes flat.  So damn good!

Being the good do-it-yourselfer that I am, I immediately looked at the list of ingredients to see what could be so special and proprietary that there had to be that huge pricetag.

Nothing out of the ordinary or any ingredients you couldn’t buy at the grocery store showed up on the label.



I suggested my pal just whip up her own version, but that was not met with jumping enthusiasm.

So I did and now you can too!

Here’s the recipe.


1 can well-chilled lemon flavored sparkling water, unsweetened.  I love LaCroix brand.
1/4 cup coconut milk, canned or refrigerated
6 drops liquid stevia
Juice of 1/2 lemon – no fake stuff!!!

Mix all together in a tall glass.  Sit back in your favorite lounge chair on the deck, pretend you’re on the veranda in an Italian villa, and drink up.  Don’t be surprised when you hear Italian children playing and someone approaching you with a beautiful antipasti platter.

Let me know how you like it in the Comments.



Lemons photo by Justin Schwartfigur on Unsplash **  Coconut photo by Tijana Drndarski on Unsplash


6 Responses to “Take Yourself to Italy with This Lemon Coconut Fuzzy Water”

    • Heather Michet

      Sure, just replace the sparkling water with chilled, filtered water. I would add more lemon juice, or adjust to your taste preferences, to keep it super lemony. Thanks for your question!

  1. Edeltraud Foster

    I love this. Blended it with ice and it was delicious.
    A few flakes of coconut would probably enhance the flavor even more

    • Heather Michet

      Oh yeah, Edel! So glad you love it too. Great idea to boost the coconut with some flakes. A drop or two of coconut extract would bump it way up as well! Thanks so much for commenting.

    • Holly

      Oh thank you! I had a can of the wonderful drink and knew there had to be a way to make it! I froze the leftover canned coconut milk in an ice cube tray so I can have it often. I used Spindrift lemon seltzer. Paired lovely with my salad pizza 🙂

    • Heather Michet

      I’m so glad you made your own, Holly!! What a brilliant idea to freeze the leftover canned coconut milk. Those tasty cubes will be a great way to make a really cold Lemoncocco. I also use coconut ice cubes for iced coffee and blended coffee drinks! Enjoy and thank you for trying the recipe and for commenting.

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