Soothe Your Eyes with Some Eyes Tea

Whether it’s smoke from a wildfire, pollen-thick air, too much screen time or hashing through paperwork, our eyes really get hammered.  The result?  Puffy, painful, dry and overworked eyes that could use a break and some TLC.  They need some lovin’ for all of the work they do!

Next time your eyes start crossing or your vision goes fuzzy from non-stop demands, treat them to some R & R (rest & rejuvenation) with this soothing eye treatment straight from the pantry.  All you need is some black tea bags and boiling water to create this spa moment for your eyes.  In exchange for your few minutes of preparation, those babies get an antioxidant boost, increased circulation and lowered inflammation.

As an added bonus, your brain will appreciate the break and you’ll return to your tasks with more clarity.


2 tea bags, black tea only*

1/4 cup boiling water

Place tea bags in small ceramic or glass bowl or cup.  Add water and gently move tea bags around in water with spoon for about 3 seconds to ensure that the tea is drenched.

Remove bags from bowl and squeeze most of the liquid out of them until they are neither drippy nor dry.

Lie down on your back in your favorite spot and get comfy.  Place one tea bag flat against each of your closed eyelids, ever so gently patting it down into the socket to create an eye pillow.  Make sure the bag has cooled so you don’t burn this delicate skin.  (That is definitely NOT relaxing!)  You can also chill the squeezed out teabags in the fridge before applying to those beloved peepers for additional soothing.

Rest easy in the quiet, breathe deeply from the belly, and send gratitude-filled thoughts and appreciation to your beloved eyes.  They deserve this pampered rest and so do you.

*Don’t try to “healthify” this recipe by using green or herbal tea in place of the black tea.  The black tea has loads of tannins that reduce inflammation and have a soothing, healing effect on your tired orbs that non-black teas do not possess.


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