My Professional Posse

One of my Christmas holiday traditions is to write cards and letters in the quiet of Christmas morning or on subsequent days.

These may go to family members, friends or clients.  This year, I wrote a handful of cards, but I was nudged to phone those in my Professional Posse so we could have a few voice-to-voice moments.


Who comprises my Professional Posse?  It’s a yowza group of folks and their businesses who make my life easier, better, or more at ease by doing what they do best, so that I can do what I do best.  While each one of these professionals know somewhere Holiday Cardsin their being that I love and appreciate them, I felt the need to restate it as the only message and reason for the call.  And I am going to shout them out again here for you all to clap and cheer – and perhaps explore whether they could be part of your posse.

  • My dear friend and realtor for life, BIL Willis of ERA Freeman and Associates.
  • The best financial planner this side of the moon, Jerry Knowlton, who also inspires & supports me to be my best self.
  • Tax guru Sean Berry of Mt Hood Tax & Accounting Professionals.  Your patience, smarts & good nature are stellar.
  • Julie Foster, BSN, FNP of Pohala, A Place of Healing who tends, guides & educates me about my own healthcare.
  • Dr. Howard Hilman, D.M.D. is beyond a genius.
  • My vintage Subaru’s pit crew at Stephenson Automotive (they love her as much as I do, some even covet owning her 🙂 )
  • The bright shining stars who make up Champion Collision: they embody and practice the definitions of customer service and quality workmanship with beaming smiles and heartfelt caring.  You so rocked the transformation of my drab, ugly filing cabinet into the branded gem that now beautifies my office!  And that was just the first project of 2014.
  • All girls  – especially those with naturally curly hair like me – need a Hair Goddess!!  I am so blessed that Cathy DeLuna of Salon Bella Luna, is mine.
  • My four-leggeds’ caregivers at Dogwood Pet Hospital  address the many questions my science/healer brain comes up with and lovingly treat all of us with professionalism and respect.  24 years and continuing…this relationship definitely works.
  • Deanna DeLong – heart sister, mentor and Chief Water Nerd – you bless me with your brilliance in all areas.

Thank you.  Merci bien.  iGracias!  Danke.  My life is so much better because of all of you.

2 Responses to “My Professional Posse”

  1. BIL Willis

    You are too kind and we appreciate you, your friendship and your mentorship as well. It is always a great pleasure to spend time with great people like you. It keeps the goodness of humanity in perspective in a world that is spinning out of orbit. Thanks for your kind words and most of all your friendship.

    • Heather Michet

      You are so welcome – it all circles back. Thank you for commenting here! I welcome your interaction & feedback on the content I am putting out into the world. Healthful blessings to you.

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