Healthy Holidays Tip #3

Healthy Holiday Tip #3

Be grace-full.  With the devastating events of last week, we can all use some extra grace to weather this traumatic time and heal:

  • Give yourself, everyone you encounter, and the world extra patience and understanding.  We are all so broken, tender, and vulnerable right now – as individuals, as a nation, and as a planet that just a wee bit more understanding in any given moment is an offering of peace and healing.
  • Honor and value your emotions of grief, sadness, pain, anger, or confusion.  Cry it out (tears are one of the best healers around), write it out, talk it out with someone ‘safe’, shout it out into the darkness.
  • Be graceful and kind to your body: don’t overtax or criticize it.  Sleep, rest, meditation, Reiki, aromatherapy, walks outside – especially in the snow! – are all gentle ways to support your whole being.
  • Watch the wonderful movie “I AM” written and directed by Tom Shadyac.  It will change you.
  • Sit or stroll by a river, lake or the ocean.

However you choose to be grace, know that you are one of many fragile flames lighting the darkness.


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