Bottled Water Causes Health Problems, But This Is Worse!

The temperature was over 95 degrees as I walked past these pallets of plastic water bottles at the big retail store entrance.  I nearly fainted, but not from the heat!!

My entire being was cringing at the rising level of poisons being released into those water bottles that many people would end up taking into their bodies. Oh, the ignorance.  Time for some educating!  (I did talk with the store manager about the placement of the product in full sun on a scorching day.  Suffice it to say that his response was beyond dismissive and certainly didn’t result in them moving the product or refraining from repeating the act days later.)

Why bottled water is toxic

Bottled water is toxic to human health for so many reasons.  The biggest culprit is the nasty chemicals, such as BPA, that leach into the water from the plastic container.  (You can read more about why bottled water is toxic to humans and the planet here.)

Photo by Bram Wouters on Unsplash

Add a huge dose of heat to this already poisoned beverage and you’ve exponentially ramped up the cancer and other health risk factors.  Yuck.

How can you stay hydrated, yet avoid these health risks in bottled water?

Best alternatives to bottled water

  1. Never buy water in plastic bottles, that’s a given.  And certainly not those that have been baking in 90+ degree heat!!
  2. If your only option for hydration is bottled water, purchase it in glass containers or second best, metal cans.  Remember that bottled water should only be ingested for a short-term hydration source.
  3. Use glass or stainless steel water bottles at home, at work, on the go and in your car.
  4. Buy a Multipure water filter for your home and make your own bottled water right from your tap, with your water bottle of choice!  No more schlepping all of those bottles from store to car to home.  Quit paying for poisoned water!  Say bye bye to plastic bottles and their non-recyclable lids.

To learn more about your drinking water contaminants and which filter is best for you and your family, schedule your Healthy Water For You Call with me here.  You’ll be so glad you did.

Happy Summer and stay hydrated!  Just make sure you pass on the bottled water…unless it’s your own 🙂

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