Grow Veggies From Scraps, Part 2

I’m passionate about living and promoting vibrant health.  I’m also rabidly green when it comes to reducing waste and “using everything up”, as my grandma used to say.

This is particularly true of food, resulting in lots of tricks and practices I do to minimize useable food scraps going to compost.

Vegetable peelings, inedible stalks and onion skins are some of the bits that end up in my freezer stash to be made into vegetable stock.  But some of them get a chance to root in water and offer young shoots for salads, or get planted in the garden!

Here’s a short video showing some of the results.

Carrots, leeks, head lettuce, and green onions are some of the vegetable trimmings that grow quickly in a small dish or glass with a bit of filtered water.

A Delightful Surprise

Today I started to see the exciting growth from a plant end I hadn’t thought of growing in water: spinach!

I happily bought some fresh spinach from my favorite farmer the other day; you get the entire young plants (vs. just the leaves) with the trimmed root end intact.  After removing the leaves from one bunch, I put one plant in a glass with some water to see what would happen.

A few days later, check this out!

Loads of new leaves coming on.

I’ll be planting this in the garden, along with the other young spinaches that get a second round of providing great, fresh organic food to my body.

What have you had success growing this way?

Any tips you can share with us in the Comments below?  We’d love to hear!

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