The Best (Easiest, Greenest, Cheapest) Water Bottle

If you’re really considering all of “the right things”, choosing a refillable water bottle uses up more mental effort than one small – yet very important – item should.  Consider the decision process:

Plastic?  Lightweight.  Easy to drink out of.  Healthful, not so much because they leach nasty, carcinogenic chemicals into the water.  Huge environmental costs despite their low initial purchase price.

Stainless steel?  Lightweight.  Cold on the lips (many people do not like the feel of drinking out of a metal container.)  High price tag.  Environmentally moderate in cost.

Glass?  Heavy.  Breakable.  Very green.  Readily available.  Ease of drawing a long, tall drink?  Great when you have the Ball Sip and Straw lid combo..  Use with or without the straw.  Grab a large mouth glass canning jar.  Attach a lid and straw assembly and you are golden to drink your water.  Refill.  Drink. Repeat.

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