The Walk in the Woods

It was an exquisitely beautiful and heart-filled celebration of life.  My musician friend died far too young, with so much music still inside of him.  The heavens will benefit as his soul soars and cruises through the ethers playing his fascinatingly complex blend of guitar loops.

Thankfully for those of us left walking the earth, recordings of his musical wizardry exist, allowing us to dive into wonderment at the click of a button.

A lasting gift from his memorial is this poem written by his grandmother.  I’ve read none better that describes the magnitude of peace, beauty and power I gain from time in the woods.

Join me now, and let’s take a stroll.

Josh sky

The Walk

it is the time

in the woods

that is good


standing firm

on ancient rock

solid as elephant’s back

looking down

into hemlock’s

green confetti

standing firm

on mossed-over ground

looking up

into hemlock lace

on branches

stepped toward


removed from all

mundanity we know

the tremulous motion

of trees

stir of birds

the glinting amber of brook

and silence

gathers us in

holds us inviolate

against the outer world

just outside

these woods

                                                                         ~ Katrina Van Tassel

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