Make a Mega Difference With the Metta Meditation

The Metta Meditation is my “go to” at anytime that I want to slow down, center a bit, and/or shift my perspective on a situation or person.  Saying it first thing upon waking is also a marvelous way to begin your day.

My version is slightly different than the one on the card in the photo, but the essence is the same:



May I be happy.

May I be safe and free from harm.

May I be healthy.

May I be at ease.

My dear friend and teacher, Gwynne Warner, originally gave me the meditation and shared a way to spread the love and blessing from ourselves outward in an expanding sphere of influence.  Here’s the sequence:

  • Round 1 – Always begin with yourself, using “I”, as in the above Metta (4 statements)
  • Round 2 – Choose someone who is very dear to you, in your inner circle.  This may be a partner, family member or whoever you have a deep and dear relationship with.  Use their name when reciting the meditation.Red Heart
  • Round 3 – The next person is someone who you are less close to, perhaps a good friend or business associate.  Use their name.
  • Round 4 – The fourth person is someone with whom you don’t have such a great rapport with.  In fact, it may be someone who grates on your nerves, challenges your kindness, or just doesn’t quite gel with you and your life.  State their name in the blessing.
  • Round 5 – Envision your home and state the meditation.  If your home or property has a name, be sure to use that.
  • Round 6 – Use your street/neighborhood as the recipient of the blessing.
  • Round 7 – The city you live in.
  • Round 8 – Your state.
  • Round 9 – The country in which you live.
  • Round 10 – The world.

After reciting this meditation through all 10 rounds, not only will you feel more peace and ease within your own body and being, you will also hold the good feeling of having done your part in spreading love to others.

We are all fragile flames.  Shine on, bright lights.

5 Responses to “Make a Mega Difference With the Metta Meditation”

  1. meg

    Loved your version of Metta Meditation

    Upon finishing
    I was so happy
    I felt safe
    I felt healthy
    I felt at ease
    I felt grateful
    and gracious
    I felt bigger
    and brighter
    and lighter
    and lovelier

    • Heather Michet

      Meg! I’m so glad you found this helpful and that it provided some shifts for you. I Love your reply and its form:) Thank you for reading.

  2. Charlotta

    This is a great reminder. Read about this meditation long time ago but “lost” it!

    • Charlotte

      Hi Heather, Happy New Year! Have just been catching up on this email account and found your email. I am looking forward to using the Metta Meditation to assist me in holding a more positive place in my world. This past year was tough, but I got through it and feel stronger for it. Now I think I am ready to move forward with future plans and see what is in store. I have a meditation I have used for over 20 years to keep me safe when I am driving — a visualization of being surrounded by protective metal all around my car and a pink healthy glow around me inside the car. It has worked so far. I also use it to protect my street when the weather gets really tough. Hope you are well and thriving. C

    • Heather Michet

      Greetings, Charlo! How terrific to hear from you. I’m sorry to hear that the past year was a rough one for you. How great that you find the Metta Meditation helpful and something you can add to your balancing toolbox. Thank you for sharing your driving visualization! Moreso, I thank you for reading the newsletter and blog and connecting.
      Be well and good to yourself. ~H

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