It’s An Epidemic!

There’s an epidemic spreading across the globe and it is seriously infectious, contagious, and addictive.  No one is exempt from its effects.

Fasten your seat belts, folks, because this disease is changing the world in exponential ways with every person it touches.


My “20 something, 82-years young” friend Bev, has been afflicted with this disease for several years and swears by its growing prevalence and impact on humanity.  Every kindness she experiences and each infectious act she performs, adds to her conviction that the planet is indeed changing for the good.

I want to affirm and strengthen her belief in this epidemic by collecting gazillions of unique acts of kindness that people are doing for one another.  Here’s my proposal:

Comment on this post with your completed acts of kindness (just thinking about them is lovely but doesn’t do squat for the momentum and effect of the virus.)  Every unique act, i.e. one not already posted, will be posted to my facebook page Iris Healing Arts and will include the contributor’s first name and state or country.  If you wish to have your act published but prefer to remain anonymous, just say so in your comment and I will give you a new name!

This ‘mapping of kind acts’ will show just how prevalent and pervasive our reach is in the world, proving my motto once again that “We are the World Wide Web.”

Bring on your acts and let’s create a new map!!!


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