I Say “YES!” Do You?

I have loved this piece by Danaan Parry for over 20 years.  I speak it aloud often to remind me of what is important to focus on each and every day, in order to be a bringer of peace and harmony to the world.

“I say Yes to my life.

I say Yes to love.

I say Yes to a one-world family.

I say Yes to a planet at peace.

I say Yes to all the children everywhere.

I say Yes to us.

I want my next act to increase the Yes in the world.”

-Danaan Parry, founder of the Earthstewards Network


What do you say yes to?   Will you join me in saying this mantra aloud to declare your part in creating the world we all wish to live in?

May you be blessed and encouraged by the Yesses you express, as well as those you receive each day.

2 Responses to “I Say “YES!” Do You?”

  1. Francois

    I say yes to my inner light
    I say yes to my inner darkness
    I say yes to true love
    I say yes to my talents
    I say yes to my limits

    I say yes to radically accept myself as I am
    This is the way I know in my heart of hearts that
    I can say YES to others, to life.

    • Heather Michet

      Oh, Francois, such a beautiful reply!!! Thank you. I would love to include your additional Yesses in future citings of Danaan’s piece. May I do so, of course adding attribution to you for the add-ons?
      Blessings of health and Yesses! in your life.

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