I Am a Helpless Healer

My mother is dying and I can’t do a thing to help her heal, even with my plethora of healing tools and skills.  The only tools that can help ease her pain are within her: her heart and spirit are burdened and aching with a lifetime of chains and hardness.

I am sorry that she “feels like crap” because of her physical ailments.  Those would be enough.  But I am more concerned about that which binds her: anger, fear, emotional baggage she’s had a lifetime to work through and hasn’t.  These are the nasty chains that could prevent her from having a present and peaceful death.  And everyone is entitled to that.

Photo by photobucket

Photo by photobucket

I admit: doing our inner emotional work, our Personal Archaeology as I like to call it, is rarely fun, pretty, or appealing, and it can be exhausting and seemingly without end.  But it is ours to do; no one can do that walk for us.  Whether it’s reducing fear’s grip over us, resolving internal conflicts, or forgiving ourselves and others, until we’ve unearthed the treasures waiting for us beneath the rubble, we cannot know the freedom of release and self-empowerment that follows “a dig.”

I cannot assist my mother on her dig, however I can send her peace, love and Reiki for the healing she so deserves and I bet, desires.

I wish for your hardened heart a soft and perfect landing, mom.  The jump is so worth it.  Let it all go…and jump.

(The heart photo holds much meaning: the heart is ceramic – soft, pliable earth hardened by fire.  The furry background is a soft and soothing rabbit hide – an animal who teaches us to show up in the presence of our fear, like the great maxim says: “Feel the fear and do it anyway.”)


4 Responses to “I Am a Helpless Healer”

  1. Christina

    I hope your mother comes to see the wisdom in letting go of those emotional chains before it is too late. Praying for you both.

    • Heather Michet

      Thank you so much, Christina, for writing and for knowing how powerful letting go is for us and for the world. Thank you too, for your prayers.

  2. Nicole

    Breath-taking prose. This is so touching and strong. It’s so palpable and urges me forth, in my work and life. You need to keep up writing like this Heather. And I wish you and your mother all the support and loving light to heal during this vital time of transition for you both.
    Blessings sincerely from my heart to yours. I’m so grateful to you (from one healer heart to another, you inspire me deeply). This story puts myself in a more assured, restful and peaceful space, simply by reading it.

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