Can You Heal from the Death of a Child?

Parents are supposed to die first, not their children.  That’s just the natural order of life.

But children leave this life every moment of every day.

No matter the child’s age or cause of death – illness, miscarriage, suicide or abortion, it’s devastating to those left behind, particularly for moms.

The emotions felt by parents, friends and family are deep and wide:  they don’t just go away with time, nor do those touched by a child’s death “get over it”.  You may change how you carry the memories, grief, and hurt, but you never forget a death.

How do you carry on after a child dies?  Is healing possible?

I believe it is.  Music, stories, and heart-centered sharing are powerful ways to connect with the deep emotions of grief.

Come sit in ceremony with us on Saturday May 13th, the eve of Mother’s Day.  Bring your pain, sadness, wonderment and willingness to shift into a new mourning.

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Let the healing begin.

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