I believe everyone has the innate capacity and desire to grow and heal.

But in our society, we have lost our faith and belief in healing. Whether your ailments are physical, mental or emotional, natural tools and solutions are available to allow you to return to balanced and vibrant health.

Through Iris Healing Arts, I offer several of these tools: Reiki, Aromatherapy, lifestyle modification guidance and education.

My work is always tailored to the individual, not the condition. I design personalized healing programs to remedy the root cause of your complaints, then assist you in returning to a natural state of health. A healing program may include Aromatherapy blends, treatments, dietary changes, or high quality supplement or herbal formulas.

I invite you to explore the website and learn about what healing gifts IHA has to offer. Click here to see what my clients have to say. Please sign up for my newsletter to receive health tips, new product and event announcements as well as class offerings.

Welcome. Let the healing begin.