Your Best Self-care Tip May Be Doing Nothing

We’re at the crossroads again: a new year, new promises, new shoulds and pressures to strive higher and harder to “be more, do more and have more.” We’re told that bigger dreams and bodacious goals get realized when we push the limit. But is this really the only way to get there? I mean seriously:… Read more »

DIY Veggie Oven Fries

Sweet potato fries are all the rage as an upsell from regular (baker potato) fries.  Both can be ordered dressed up in all sorts of ways: sprinkled with herbs, garlic, cheeses or served with a plethora of dunking sauces. No matter how they come to the table, they are tasty!  But not very healthful with… Read more »

3 Steps to Turn Turmoil to Peace

“Peace.  What does it mean to you?” This was the question posed to me by a friend who asked me to write a guest blog post for her writers’ site Romancing the Genres.  July’s theme was ‘Peace’ As you might surmise from this blog’s title, it was a journey and an adventure, that ultimately led… Read more »

Celebrate Spring: Root Garlic for Eating Now & Planting

Spring is officially here!! What better way to herald its arrival than by sprouting, planting and eating some garlic.  And taking a video of the process and results! I had a few garlic cloves beginning to sprout while still in their head, so I decided to try something I’d recently seen posted on Instagram: Root… Read more »

Wear A Mask, Wash Your Mask for Best Protection

Wearing a face mask is one of 2 key steps to slowing the spread of the Covid-19 virus. There’s another key step, however, when it comes to using face masks: it’s critical to use a clean, fresh mask.  If you keep using the same mask over and over again, you’re putting on “protection” that may… Read more »

Bottled Water Causes Health Problems, But This Is Worse!

The temperature was over 95 degrees as I walked past these pallets of plastic water bottles at the big retail store entrance.  I nearly fainted, but not from the heat!! My entire being was cringing at the rising level of poisons being released into those water bottles that many people would end up taking into… Read more »

Let Us Fly Like Eagles and Lead with Love

I firmly believe that we are in the midst of a deep transformation and healing, a time to amplify our awareness, our love and our role in the uplifting of humankind. This recent Note from the Universe echoes my belief perfectly: Primitive societies live by the Rule of Might, and the strong prevail. Advanced societies… Read more »

Will You Take The Mender Pledge?

During turbulent times of change, transformation and healing such as now, I look to words, music and the natural world for clarity, direction and inspiration. This morning I found direction and inspiration when I read The Mender Pledge in a friend’s email.  It is  from the book Creating A World That Works For All by… Read more »

Water Tests, Sandy OR Style

Having your spring or well water tested doesn’t need to be a big chore, especially if you live in or around the Sandy OR area.  The City of Sandy makes this so easy by offering a sample pick-up and drop-off service.  Alexin Analytical Laboratories performs the testing. Here are the steps to utilizing this great, free… Read more »