Grow Veggies From Scraps, Part 2

I’m passionate about living and promoting vibrant health.  I’m also rabidly green when it comes to reducing waste and “using everything up”, as my grandma used to say.  This is particularly true of food, resulting in lots of tricks and practices I do to minimize useable food scraps going to compost. Vegetable peelings, inedible stalks… Read more »

Teas To Regenerate on a Rainy Spring Day

It’s a rainy Spring day – not the usual time I’d build a fire in the woodstove, head to the couch, and curl up with tea and a good book. But that’s exactly what I’m doing because I need it.  It’s been a busy time: physically (the yardens are calling!), mentally (business marches forth) and… Read more »

Comfort Food Beyond Easy: 1 Bowl Mac ‘n Cheese

We can all use a bit of extra comfort these days while under isolation due to the Covid-19 pandemic.  And no food dishes out the comfort like mac ‘n cheese. If you’ve ever made the traditional version of this dish, it is time-consuming and quite labor intensive with making a white sauce, cooking the pasta… Read more »

Pollen is Thick: Ease Its Effects With Fresh Air Fare

This is pollen. This is Fresh Air Fare. When the air is filled with the first, you need the second to ease the effects of all that plant dust irritating your sinuses, eyes, and system. Go to the Fresh Air Fare product page to learn more and to purchase.

A Magical, Easy to Make, Protein-Rich Snack

Who isn’t looking for a delicious, protein-rich, snack?  And it’s easy to make?  Now there’s a winning combo. There’s just one problem: this nut and seed mix disappears, just like magic, because it’s so addictive with its crunch and savory-sweetness. The Rosemary leaves may surprise you at seeing them in this recipe, but trust me,… Read more »

A Practice For Dismantling Fear in Stressful Times, Part 2

Living in fear and uncertainty amidst a global pandemic is real.  It can be debilitating, leaving us feeling powerless and out of control.  Looking at the fear and examining what it’s made of , can help relieve some tension, but looking at those fears isn’t enough by itself. In the first part of the Dismantling… Read more »

Mary Oliver for Corona Times – a Poem

This insightful poem by Adrie Suzanne Kusserow, really struck me when it was shared last week in a worldwide community writing session I’m participating in.  Written along the form of Mary Oliver’s Wild Geese, I love how the words offer such a grace-filled permission for us to feel into everything that this isolation and crumbling… Read more »

Make a Difference: Wear This Easy DIY No-Sew Face Mask

Each of us can help slow the spread of the Coronavirus. Staying at home is the most helpful step.  Next up is wearing a face mask when we go out on those necessary trips, like getting groceries or pickinig up medications. Here is a super easy, no-sew fabric mask that you can make from a… Read more »

A Practice for Dismantling Fear in Stressful Times

Woof!  What wild times we are living in right now.  Transformation of ourselves, our society, and the planet as a whole is now. There is no certainty and things change day by day and sometimes hour by hour. We humans do not do well with the unknown: our reptilian brains like life all laid out… Read more »

How Do I Make Energized Water Indoors?

I was talking with my friend and ace Astrologer for Life and Business Vanessa Couto today.  She wrote a great post about full moon energy on her Instagram page and I commented how I love to make Full Moon Water. She brought up a very good point: How can you make this if you live… Read more »